A Letter To Irrfan!

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Irrfan, I never thought that I will be writing this. When you left us, I asked my colleague to please cover this story because I just couldn’t. I have met a lot of celebrities for interviews but I never got a chance to meet you, but then why does it feel like a personal loss to me?

You weren’t just an actor from cinema to us, you were a performer who managed to make his place in our hearts with witty and real interviews, with your innocent smile, and with words that were just enough for us to hear and remember.

You did not set an example of being a hero with six-pack abs, but instead you showed us what a real actor does – he acts, he makes us believe in a fictional story. With those ‘nasheeli’ eyes, you delivered characters that no one could ever pull off. Not to forget, how infectious your smile was, how can someone not fall for you?

You were one of the finest actors I saw on screen. No, I’m not saying no one else impresses me on screen, many do, but what you did can never be replaced, it was just magical. I remember telling my friend about how much I love your acting when I was sitting in a cinema hall and the Syska ad was playing. You see, I did not need many characters or a whole film to describe the amount of talent you possessed, a simple ad was enough for me to know how your presence on the screen made me smile.

I know you went through a lot of pain and you spent a lot of time in the hospital. I can only imagine how much pain it would have been for your family and closed ones if I am feeling this way. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY can ever take your place through the film industry as you are etched in our heart. Being who you were was your biggest plus point.

I’m not here to talk about your best work today, because the best thing you ever did was to stay within us. You know what’s your best role till date, it’s you being Irrfan.

My heart is crying when I’m finishing this but can you come back, please?


Irrfan Khan

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