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EXCLUSIVE RADHE Drops Big 50% On Sunday, Registers Poor Weekend Numbers

Film collected 1.87 million $ over 4-day weekend in overseas market and out of that 1 million $ came from middle east where film dropped on Saturday itself and Sunday was massive drop. Film remained weak in USA and Australia market too with poor numbers 200k $ & 350k$ respectively. 

Eminent Producer & Trade Expert Tore Apart Bogus Manipulation Of Radhe Success

Salman khan starrer RADHE has been receiving criticism from all the quarters. The film is panned by critics and audience has made fun of it across all social media platforms. As usual, the makers and so called ‘paid’ media have been juggling with numbers to make it a success. Manipulating box office numbers was a trend few years back and now claiming success on OTT is getting even easier!

RADHE Remains Below Par On Day One In Overseas

Salman Khan starrer RADHE released yesterday worldwide in cinemas and on ott. Film has got poor reviews across the board not only from critics but from trade experts too. Salman’s …