Exclusive: Ranbir-Alia Starrer Brahmastra Crosses 400 cr Gross Worldwide And Set To Cross 250 Cr Nett India Tomorrow

Brahmastra is now global juggernaut and has awaken box office for Bollywood films proving all critics wrong. Film released worldwide on September 9th, 2022 and broke various records.

Day 15 of the Brahmastra release witnessed maximum occupancy, with already advances of 1 million plus all India, which is highest ever advances on 3rd Friday for any film ever in India. In comparison to other related films like Chup and Dhokha Round D Corner, Brahmastra saw from less to no vacant seats, making shows almost or completely not available because of ticket price set at Rs 75 on the occasion of National Cinema Day.

Film collected massive weekend of 123 cr nett in India over 1st weekend and 180 cr nett plus in week one. Film crossed 217 cr nett domestic after 2nd weekend. Film was equally amazing overseas as it collected 6 million $ in 1st weekend and 9 million $ in 1st week. Film stood at 12.5 million $ after 2nd week. 

Film collected massive 173 cr nett All India All Language and 153 cr nett in Hindi in week one. Film collected total 18.50 cr in south languages over week.

Film collected 58.20 cr nett all languages in 2nd week which is fantastic. Film has total of 231.95 cr nett/206 cr nett Hindi.

On Day 15 collected 10.50 cr nett All Languages/ 9 cr nett all India Hindi on National Cinema Day. After massive total yesterday, there were doubts that film might drop big today but film managed to hold and collected 5.20 cr nett. Film has total of 247.80 cr nett. Film will cross 250 cr nett tomorrow all languages all India and 225 cr nett Hindi.

Following is the Worldwide collection breakdown till 3rd Saturday (16 day) :

All India All Languages (Hindi)

Day 1: 37.50 cr (31.5 cr)

Day 2: 41.50 cr (37.5 cr)

Day 3: 46 cr (39.5 cr)

Day 4: 16.25 (14 cr)

Day 5: 12.25 cr (11.25 cr)

Day 6: 10.50 cr (9.60 cr)

Day 7: 9.75 cr (9 cr)

Week 1: 173.75 cr nett

Week 2

Day 8: 10.25 cr (9.35 cr)

Day 9: 15.25 cr (14 cr)

Day 10:18.25 cr (17 cr)

Day 11: 4.50 cr (4 cr)

Day 12: 3.70 cr (3.40 cr)

Day 13: 3.10 cr (2.80 cr)

Day 14: 2.70 cr (2.40 cr)

Week 2: 58.20 cr (52.95 cr)

Week 3

Day 15: 10.25 cr (9 cr)

Day 16: 5.60 cr (5.10 cr)

Grand Total: 247.80 cr (220.40 cr) nett

All India Gross: 298 cr

Overseas Gross:

Total Weekend One: 8 million $ (64 cr INR)

Total Week One: 11 million $ (88 cr INR)

Total Week Two: 12.30 million $ (99 cr INR)

Grand Total : 13 million $ (105 cr INR)

Worldwide Gross: 403 Cr Gross

Film will run on reduced rates from 26th to 29th September and should cross 20 cr nett over weekend and 28 cr nett week 3. That will mean only 60% drop from 2nd week which will be amazing.

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