Aditya Roy Kapur Gets Kissed By A Crazy Fan During ‘Night Manager’ Screening, Fans Say ‘It Is Pure Harassment’. Details Inside!

The moment the actor stepped outside, he was surrounded by fans who wanted to take some selfies with him.

Actor Aditya Roy Kapur is well-known for his charisma and gallant character. The actor from Ludo recently gave a special screening of his next web series ‘Night Manager’ in Mumbai, where he encountered an odd female fan who made him feel uneasy. 

It’s challenging to be a celebrity. As much as they are cherished and adored by their followers, occasionally that affection can sometimes feel awkward too. Bollywood stars have told stories over the years of embarrassing fan interactions, and most recently, actor Aditya Roy Kapur had to deal with it. At the premiere of his eagerly awaited web series ‘The Night Manager’, a female fan forced herself on him and kissed him.

In a recently viral video, Aditya Roy Kapur can be seen leaving the screening of his new web series that was organised for his friends and fellow members of the entertainment industry. The moment the actor stepped outside, he was surrounded by fans who wanted to take a selfie with him. At that point, an ecstatic female fan tried to kiss the actor. She tried to kiss him again as Aditya managed to break free. She wouldn’t let him leave despite his attempts to progressively pull away. Before leaving the area, the fan finally gave him a kiss on the hands. After seeing the video, netizens are reacting angrily and labeling it harassment.

Aditya covered his uneasiness with a smile as netizens criticised her for ‘harassing’ the actor. “Oh god!” a user wrote. “This form of harassment is unacceptable! Why are people so flawed? Even though I like him, I won’t make an effort to kiss him because it is plain harassment.” Another said. One more said, “The same post would be different if a male did the same.”

‘The Night Manager’ stars Aditya Roy Kapu, Anil Kapoor and Shobita Dhulipala. Tom Hiddleston starred in the original British television series ‘The Night Manager’, which was adapted from the spy novel by John Le Carré.

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