Akshay Kumar , Kiara Advani & other celebrities Express Deep Concern and Disgust Over Violence Against Women in Manipur

On July 19, a distressing video emerged online, showing two women from Manipur subjected to a horrifying incident where they were stripped, paraded naked, and assaulted. The state of Manipur in northeastern India has been experiencing communal conflicts between the dominant Meitei community residing in the Imphal Valley and the Kukis, a tribe residing in the hills, since May this year. In response to this incident and the subsequent clashes, several Bollywood celebrities, including Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Renuka Shahane, Richa Chadha, Sonu Sood, and others, have expressed their strong condemnation of the violence that transpired in the state.

Bollywood Stars Condemn Manipur Violence

Renowned actor Akshay Kumar was among the earliest celebrities to respond to the appalling events unfolding in Manipur. On July 20, he utilized his social media platform and shared his thoughts, expressing deep distress and revulsion upon watching the video of violence perpetrated against women in the region. He fervently wished for the perpetrators to face severe consequences for their actions, hoping that such a stringent punishment would serve as a deterrent and prevent anyone from ever committing such a horrifying act in the future.

Kiara Advani, the talented actress, has raised her voice demanding justice for the women affected by the heinous acts in Manipur. In a heartfelt tweet, The video of violence against women in Manipur is horrifying and has shaken me to the core. I pray the women get justice at the earliest. Those responsible must face the most SEVERE punishment they deserve.”

Richa Chadha also stepped forward to express her reaction to the chilling video. She denounced the act as “shameful,” “horrific,” and “lawless,” conveying her deep dismay and disapproval of the incident.

Sonu Sood expressed his condemnation of the violence in Manipur, stating that Manipur video has shaken everyone’s soul. It was humanity that was paraded..not the women.”

Renuka Shahane raised her voice against the ‘inhumane nature’ of the violence in Manipur. On Twitter, she questioned Is there no one to stop the atrocities in Manipur? If you are not shaken to the core by that disturbing video of two women, is it even right to call oneself human, let alone Bharatiya or Indian!”

On Twitter, writer Kanika Dhillon expressed her dismay and sadness over the “horrific act” that took place in Manipur. She wrote Manipur! @unwomenindia @NCWIndia! This horrific act against #Kuki women…. Hope they get some justice!

The incident in Manipur has triggered widespread public anger and revulsion on various social media platforms. Hashtags such as ‘Manipur Violence,’ ‘Shameful,’ and ‘Enough is Enough’ have gained significant traction on Twitter, reflecting the collective outrage. Netizens are vehemently urging authorities to take swift and decisive action against the mob responsible for harassing the women depicted in the video. In response to the public fury, recent updates indicate that the police have arrested the primary suspect in the rape case.

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