Amol Palekar Lashes Out At States For Declaring “Propaganda Films” Like The Kashmir Files And The Kerala Story Tax-Free

In recent times, we have been witnessing movies that are very charged with socio-political themes. While a lot of people have been labeling them as propaganda, these films have made a lot of money at the box office. Their box-office performance was further helped by several states that made them tax-free. Now, veteran actor and director Amol Palekar has lashed out at these moves.

On Monday, Palekar attended an event in Kolhapur, Maharashtra conducted by the Samajik Salokha Parishad to celebrate the birth anniversary of king and social reformer, Shahu Maharaj. During that event, he called The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story “propaganda movies” and expressed his anger over states declaring them tax-free. He further said that minorities have been terrorised in the country for the past decade and troll armies often harass people will a different point of view.

The Paheli director also said that earlier, goons used to harass regular people. But now the government supports such anti-social elements to harass people. Palekar is known for being vocal about issues that bother him and has talked about certain things in the past.

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Palekar’s Earlier Comments

In February 2019, Palekar was speaking at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in Mumbai where he talked about the current regime. However, the moderator interrupted his speech and asked him to leave the stage. The video of his speech went viral on the internet and was widely shared. He has also called out the hypocrisy as politicians can get away with saying anything but filmmakers are not allowed to show the truth. In April 2017, he filed a petition in the Supreme Court, seeking a revamp of the Cinematograph Act.

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