Brand Shah Rukh Khan will NOT fetch any losses due to ‘Tamasha’ of Aryan’s case reveals ad experts!

While many feel Shah Rukh Khan will suffer significant losses as a result of Aryan's case, advertising professionals disagree.

Since his son Aryan Khan was detained by NCB, Shah Rukh Khan has been going through some difficult moments in his life. Despite the fact that the investigation into the narcotics issue is still ongoing and the truth has yet to be revealed, Shah Rukh is already receiving backlash on social media.

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Not only on social media, but Shah Rukh’s brand value in commercials has taken a hit. We just saw BYJU (an educational technology business) put a halt to its association with King Khan. The company has withdrawn all advertisements and promotional material showcasing Khan in the wake of his son Aryan’s arrest.

While many feel Shah Rukh Khan will suffer significant losses as a result of Aryan’s case, advertising professionals disagree. The case of Aryan Khan, according to ad guru Prahlad Kakkar, is just a ‘tamasha,’ and everyone knows how strange the arrest was by now. According to him, BYJU’s has just put a halt to their collaboration rather than removing Shah Rukh Khan as their face.

“Rivals might use it saying your brand ambassador’s son is doing drugs, what are you teaching children? They don’t want to open themselves up for any such attack. Rather than dropping him from the whole thing, they just paused to see what the result is. Aryan is just being held for the heck of it, it is a political thing and everybody understands that. At the end they will have to let him go,” Prahlad says while talking to Hindustan Times.

Pritish Nandy, a filmmaker and commercial director, believes Shah Rukh Khan’s brand value has declined over time, which is natural. He does not believe that Aryan’s situation is creating any harm to the ‘SRK’ brand.

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Nandy says, “SRK’s brand value is no longer as strong as it once was when his films were doing much better. There were more people interested in watching him than there are now, so there is a natural diminishing of brand value. That cannot be attributed to the episode involving his son.”

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