SRK & Gauri Khan are devastated as they did not expect Aryan to be under custody for so long!

Both SRK and Gauri Khan are heartbroken, as they had not expected their kid to be detained for such a lengthy period of time.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been going through a difficult period with their son Aryan Khan still imprisoned in the cruise drug raid case. It’s been over a week since his arrest, and the star kid, along with the other accused, was transferred to Arthur Road Jail last week. According to a recent article in India Today, Shah Rukh Khan has been up all night worrying about his son Aryan’s bail.

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Both SRK and Gauri Khan are heartbroken, as they had not expected their kid to be detained for such a lengthy period of time. India Today said, citing a close family acquaintance, that the family will decide on Aryan Khan’s future course of action after he returns and things have calmed down.

The source revealed, “It didn’t dawn on them that this will go on for such a long time. While the news of the arrest sent shock waves through the industry, SRK immediately sought legal advice on the matter dialling up some of the best experts in the country. Satish Maneshinde was approached, and he gave SRK the confidence that Aryan would be out sooner than expected. However, that wasn’t the case as the court rejected his bail plea on the grounds that it was ‘unmaintainable’ and that news really shook the family.”

The source further revealed, “Gauri and SRK make multiple calls through the day to check on his health. Even though there is no direct access to Aryan, information on his well-being is conveyed to the family. There even was a request made to send home-cooked meals and his personal belongings to Aryan.”

There has been a regular trickle of Bollywood support, including visits from the couple’s close friends Karan Johar, Salman Khan, and others. According to the report, many of the actors who have reached out have children and are concerned about becoming the next targets.

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“This arrest has proved that no one is safe, and it could be any other star son or daughter in the coming days. To live in fear or to have an open social life is a choice that every celebrity kid will have to make,” the source said.

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