Chef Vikas Khanna Recommends Ant-Man And The Wasp’s Actor Paul Rudd To Cast Shah Rukh Khan In Marvel Universe. Details Inside!

Chef Khanna and Paul Rudd also talked about the Oscar nominated Indian movies ‘Elephant Whisperers' and ‘All That Breathes’.

One of the most anticipated Marvel movies of the year is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Paul Rudd is doing everything in his power to promote it. He recently engaged in discussion on Shah Rukh Khan and Indian movies with renowned chef Vikas Khanna.


During the talk session, Chef Vikas had a banter with the Hollywood actor and asked him about his diet. Paul said that he avoided extra sugar and processed foods and tried to eat the same things every day. When asked what Indian movies he enjoys, Paul said, “Well now, that film is there for Oscar consideration. Everybody loves that film. Is it RRR…it’s RRR.”


Chef Khanna and Paul Rudd also talked about the Oscar nominated Indian movies ‘Elephant Whisperers’ and ‘All That Breathes’. Paul said, “These are really beautiful films. So very proud of these two independent filmmakers who are making such a difference.”

Then Chef Vikas added, “And if I have to recommend one Indian actor because you have a massive fan base in India, I would recommend Shah Rukh Khan to be in the next Marvel movie and this is my humble request.” Replying to his suggestion, Paul Rudd said, “Beautiful.” 

Vikas Khanna took to his Instagram handle and posted a sneak-peek of his conversation with Paul Rudd. Chef Vikas captioned, “When Hollywood’s one of the most influential actors speaks to one of the most influential chefs in the World. Here are the snippets of the chat between Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania’s Star Paul Rudd & Vikas Khanna. From 3 Indian Films at the Oscars, Diet. Shah Rukh Khan & Vada Pao. #NattuNattu #TheElephantWhisperers #AllThatBreathes.”

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