Exclusive: Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom was NOT released on OTT platforms for THIS reason!

The primary reason why the film was released in theatres even though Maharashtra was not permitted to do so is here. Keep reading.

The espionage thriller Bell Bottom starring Akshay Kumar has been released in states where theatres have been allowed to operate. Along with all other COVID standards, the cinema halls would be running at 50% occupancy. Many filmmakers have taken a step back and are waiting for normalcy to return at this trying period. Akshay and his crew, on the other hand, have taken the initiative to assist exhibitors.

In order to explain the expected box office business for Bell Bottom, Akshay Kumar uses a simple math game. During an interview, he discussed how he calculates business with the current situation of 50% capacity and less screens.

Akshay Kumar explains, “Yes, the business is going to be different because Maharashtra is 30 percent of the total all-India collection. I am left with only 70 per cent (the rest of the country) and of that, it is only 50 percent occupancy expected. That means I am only left with 35 percent (of the entire collection that would have been possible if it was an all-India release). So out of that 35 percent we can take out 5 to 8 percent, because full house toh nahin rahega. So I am left with only around 27 percent. That’s the probable business.”

“Now, in this scenario, if the movie does 30 crore business that means it is equivalent to 100 crore otherwise. If the movie does 50 crore then it equals 150 crore (under pre-pandemic circumstances). So that’s where it stands,” he added.

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However, what they failed to mention is that the movie was shot in the United Kingdom, where the producers are given a subsidy on the condition that the film be released in cinemas and not on any OTT platform. This is the primary reason why the film was released in theatres even though Maharashtra was not permitted to do so.

This is the primary reason why the filmmakers had little choice except to release their film in half-empty theatres, risking a low box office.

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