EXCLUSIVE: Pathaan Shah Rukh Khan Saves Tiger Salman Khan From Jail In Pakistan, Mass Hysteria Guaranteed

Shah Rukh Khan delivered all time blockbuster Pathaan this January. Pathaan is part of YRF’s Spy Universe and we saw Salman Khan as Tiger in Pathaan when he came to save Pathaan in Russia. That scene ended on note that Pathaan will come to save Tiger if he needs help in next mission. Cat is already out of the bag as we reported in our Exclusive couple of months back. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan shot for Tiger 3 sequence at a massive set of 30 cr plus in Madh Island. Now we bring you next big EXCLUSIVE with the details of same sequence.

Pathaan Saves Tiger 3 From Pakistani Prison In Gadar Style In Massive Sequence

Gadar 2 has become a huge blockbuster as Sunny Deol again goes to Pakistan. This angle worked like anything and created uproar among masses. Now we have EXCLUSIVE info that Salman Khan gets caught in Pakistani prison in Tiger 3. That is the moment in the film when Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan enters the film to save Tiger. Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan enters Pakistan and saves Salman Khan in huge jail break and bike chase sequence. This sequence is certain to create huge mass hysteria all over when India’s two biggest superstars will come together in action pack avatar against Pakistan.

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Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif Shoot For Party Song Choreographed By Bosco Caesar For Tiger 3

A few days ago, we provided an exclusive peek into the behind-the-scenes world of Tiger 3, sharing a video from the YRF studio where Salman was busy filming on an elaborate set. 

Adding to the excitement, we have now received exclusive information from our sources that Salman and Katrina are shooting a peppy party song. The renowned choreographers Bosco-Caeser have been entrusted with choreographing this energetic number for Tiger 3. 

Some portion of the song has been already shot and some portion is still left to be shot. For those unfamiliar, Bosco Caeser previously choreographed the dance moves for the mega-hit song “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” from Pathaan.

About Upcoming Shah Rukh Khan Films:

Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in Jawan which will be releasing on 7th September. Trailer of same will be out next week. Shah Rukh will also have release in December at Christmas which is Dunki directed by Rajkumar Hirani. In November SRK will be seen in cameo in Tiger 3. Shah Rukh will be shooting for Suhana Khan starrer Sujoy Ghosh film at the end of the year followed by Tiger Vs Pathaan next year.

About Upcoming Salman Khan Films:

Salman Khan’s next release is Tiger 3 in November. Salman will start shoot for Vishnu Vardhan directorial produced by Karan Johar which is said to be an army film. Salman will reunite with his favourite director Sooraj Barjatya next year for another massive film.

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