How Shah Rukh Khan Went Without Water For Two Days To Get Six-Pack Abs For Dard-E-Disco, Reveals Om Shanti Om Director Farah Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is known for his dedication and hard work for his roles. But did you know that he went to extreme lengths to achieve his six-pack abs for the song Dard-E-Disco from Om Shanti Om? His close friend and director Farah Khan recently revealed the shocking details of his preparation for the song.

Farah Khan reveals SRK did not have water for two days to get perfect body for the song

In an interview with a radio show, Farah Khan said that Shah Rukh Khan had promised her that he will go shirtless on screen for the first time only for her. She added that he worked out for six months with his trainer Prashant Sawant to get the perfect physique. But that was not all. Farah Khan also revealed that Shah Rukh Khan did not drink water for two days before the shoot of the song.

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“I wanted a bare body shot of his in Main Hoon Na but he couldn’t work on his body as he had a back injury and had to get surgery. So during Om Shanti Om, he said I promised you that the first time I remove my shirt (on camera), I’ll do it for you. He didn’t have water for two days because it causes bloating. In Dard-e-Disco, he couldn’t even dance properly because he was cramping so much,” she shared.

She further mentioned that in the song Dard-e-Disco, Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t dance properly due to severe cramping.

Farah Khan recalls how Shah Rukh Khan insisted on rehearsal during the Chaleya shoot

During the same conversation, Farah Khan also recalled how she was surprised as even after 32 years, Shah Rukh Khan still insisted her rehearse Jawan’s song Chaleya as he felt he “will be able to dance better”. She said, “I just did a song for Jawan. After 32 years, he wanted to rehearse. I said ‘What is wrong with you? Are you crazy?’ He said ‘No, I am thinking that if I rehearse, I will be able to dance better’,”

Farah Khan also praised Shah Rukh Khan‘s children Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan, calling them ‘well-mannered’. She added that just like SRK, Aryan will come and drop you to your car.

Dard-E-Disco is one of the most popular songs from Om Shanti Om, which was released in 2007. The song features Shah Rukh Khan dancing with four models in a disco setting. The song was sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Marianne D’Cruz, Nisha Mascarenhas, and Caralisa. The lyrics were written by Javed Akhtar and the music was composed by Vishal-Shekhar.

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Om Shanti Om was a blockbuster hit that marked the debut of Deepika Padukone in Bollywood. The film was a tribute to the Hindi film industry of the 1970s and had cameo appearances by many celebrities.

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