Hrithik Roshan’s Father, Rakesh Roshan Spills Some Beans On ‘Krrish 4’. Details Inside!

Rakesh Roshan stated that ‘Krrish 4’ will be announced super soon.

Hrithik Roshan, who was last spotted cheering his girlfriend Saba Azad at Lollapalooza India, is getting ready to delight his fans with his upcoming movie, ‘Krrish 4’. One of the most popular franchises is the Krrish series. Although the fourth part of the movie has been in development for some time, the creators have not yet made any official announcements. 

Rakesh Roshan, the film’s director, producer and Hrithik Roshan’s father, recently revealed some information about ‘Krrish 4’ and stated an announcement is imminent.

In an Interview with India Today, Rakesh Roshan stated that ‘Krrish 4’ will be announced super soon. Fans of Hrithik have been eagerly anticipating the official declaration. After Hrithik discussed the movie lately on his birthday, the anticipation for the project increased twofold. When asked if fans may get to know the news soon, the senior Roshan responded, “Something ought to come up very soon. We’ll find out soon. It is being prepared.”

Hrithik recently celebrated his birthday and had an interesting fan interaction.

A fan asked a question regarding ‘Krrish 4’ during a heart-to-heart talk. Hrithik disclosed that the creators are constrained by “one small detail.” He stated: “We ought to gather and say a quick prayer, in my opinion. Regarding Krrish 4, everything is set, but we are constrained by a little technicality. Hopefully, we’ll get through that before the year is out. Krrish 4 will undoubtedly be released shortly and is absolutely in the works.” 

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The ‘War’ star also made a suggestion that ‘Jadoo’ would make a comeback. When asked to reveal one truth and one rumor about the ‘Krrish 4’ plot, he responded, “Krish loses… Dead is Jadoo. It’s challenging and tricky as well.”

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