Exclusive: If You Can’t Get SRK, Then Target His Fan Army And Spread Rumours: Latest Trick By Anti Shah Rukh Brigade

Shah Rukh Khan is one star whose popularity refuses to diminish. He is returning to big screen after gap of more than 4 years and still his every small move creates havoc across the world including political circles, extremists and social media bots.

SRK brand is intact despite some tough times he faces in last few years, both professionally and personally m. He keeps his dignified silence in middle of all storm. Now there are latest tricks by anti Shah Rukh camps:

1. Target his image via fans: out of billion of fans, share screenshots of few abusive handles in order to paint him in bad light.

2. A man who never spoke during his personal tough period (which later proved to be a campaign full of malice) but now plain lies have been circulated that he will take action against some critic or groups.

3. Selected edited video and false news material about star has been spread by bots and IT cell of specific agenda driven people

But the result is that Advance Booking of the film saw unprecedented response in Germany and once bookings open in India, lots of mouth will be shut once for all. This seems like a battle which will go on all year long in 2023 as there are three massive releases of super star lined up to hit the screens.

Pathaan is set to hit cinemas on 25th January and is produced by YRF. It will be biggest Hindi release in overseas market and set to open big.

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