Jawan: Atlee Wants To Take Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi Starrer To Oscars; Going To Talk To SRK About It

Jawan, directed by Atlee and starring Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara has been creating havoc at box office. The film has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, with many praising the action sequences, SRK in a double role and the ‘massy’ direction of Atlee. Atlee has previously directed several successful Tamil films, including Theri and Mersal. While everyone’s still basking in the success of ‘Jawan’, the director has expressed his desire to take Jawan to the Oscars.


Atlee wants to ask SRK if they should take the film to Oscars

In a recent interview with ETimes, on being asked if he’s considering Oscars for Jawan, he replied “Of course, even Jawan should go, if everything falls in place. I think every effort, everybody, every director, every technician who is working in cinema, their eyes are on the Golden Globes, Oscars, National Awards, every award. So, definitely, yeah, I would also love to take Jawan to the Oscars. Let’s see. think Khan sir will watch and read this interview. I will also ask him over a call. ‘Sir, should we take this film to the Oscars?'”

Only time will tell if Jawan will indeed make it to the Oscars, but one thing is for certain: Atlee, Shah Rukh Khan, and Nayanthara have created something truly special with this film. Whether or not it receives international recognition, it will undoubtedly be remembered as a landmark achievement in Indian cinema.


Atlee Says ‘90% Of World Loves Shah Rukh Khan’ And He Converted Rest 10%

Atlee talked about how he sticks to his “roots and basics” when he writes films with some of the top actors, including Tamil superstar Thalapathy Vijay.  Atlee confessed that he is a self-proclaimed fan of Shah Rukh Khan and that he always wanted to work with him. He said that he read the actor’s personality and fan base before directing him. He said that he wanted to give the fans what they expected from Shah Rukh Khan, as well as surprise them with something new.

“I just read the actor before I direct them. So I become their fan and that way I read the fans’ pulse also. If you read Jawan as a thesis, apart from being a film lover, you see how whatever the fans expect from Shah Rukh sir is there in Jawan and whatever he’s not seen doing in the last thirty years is also there. So Jawan is the combination of newness and the minimum ‘guarantee’ of the fans’ pulse.”

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He also added, “I have been a fan but I’ve always had the right balance when I was in front of the monitor to direct Khan sir and we are seeing the result. I think more than 90% of the people in the world love Shah Rukh sir and the others who are not, we will bring them in the SRK army with Jawan, I think,” he said.


Atlee on exploring the ‘mass layer’ of Shah Rukh Khan

Atlee praised Shah Rukh Khan for being a humble and collaborative person. He said that they had creative discussions while making Jawan but no disagreements and that Shah Rukh Khan as an actor and as a producer trusted him completely. He said that they shared a good rapport and friendship during the four years of making Jawan.

“He is such a wonderful producer, such a wonderful actor, such a wonderful cinema lover so he is always full of surprises. Just when you think that this step no one will take, he’ll take it. Seriously I learnt a lot from him and continue to keep learning from him.” he said.

Atlee also revealed how he explored the ‘mass layer’ of Shah Rukh Khan, which he said is the ability to connect with the masses and make them cheer for him. Atlee continued, “For instance, Vikram Rathore’s character. He loved Aazad, I love Vikram Rathore in writing, but he trusted me, he gave that one notch extra and that was surprising for me. That has worked with the audience as well. There are moments in the film where the audience has gone like, ‘oh is that him, oh wow! What is this, it is a new aura to us.’ So, the mass layer of Khan sir, I think I explored it in the right vein and that the audience has received this with a lot of love, hooting and cheering.”


Jawan Set To Cross 900 Cr Worldwide Gross And 450 Cr Hindi India Tomorrow On Day 13

Jawan crossed 18.10 cr on 2nd Friday followed by massive jump by 66% and collected 30.10 cr net. Film crossed big 34.26 cr on Sunday and thus collected 82.46 cr net. Film is set to hold big on 2nd Monday with close to 15 cr number.

Film has total of 430 cr Hindi domestic and 480 cr net all India. Film will cross 460 cr net Hindi and 520 cr net all languages tomorrow. Jawan has two open weeks and it seems on course for 500 cr net India or more. It needs 125 cr week two in order to surpass Pathaans lifetime and 115 cr looks certain.

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