John Abraham goes lean and Emraan Hashmi bulks up to fight Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

Pathan is aiming for an Eid 2022 release, whereas Tiger's release date has yet to be announced

Tiger 3 and Pathan are two of Hindi cinema’s most awaited upcoming films. While we already know that John Abraham co-stars with Shah Rukh Khan in Pathan and that Emraan Hashmi plays a baddie opposite Salman Khan in Tiger 3, we now have further information about their characters.

“Both Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have their own distinct personalities and the creator of the two films, Aditya Chopra, was clear to have their nemesis don a look that justifies the battle royale. Since Shah Rukh Khan is all about swag, body language and style, the makers decided to give a lean avatar to John Abraham. The actor has shed a lot of his muscles and biceps to make the fights believable. It’s the role of a street smart freelance terrorist, and the team was clear on not giving him the usual bulked up attire, against SRK. Another thought was to explore an altogether new look for John Abraham, which has become possible with his slim and trim body, It’s going to be an epic battle between SRK and John, taking the audience in the cinema hall by storm,” a trade source told Bollywood Hungama.

On the other hand, Emraan Hashmi is bulking up for Tiger 3. “Salman Khan is a beast with a bulked up body and it’s essential to have a villain who can stand in front of him in confidence and mouth those larger than life dialogues. A lean person standing against him wouldn’t leave an impact, and hence, Emraan was asked to beef up to take on Salman in the film. It’s work in progress as he gears up to do his major scenes with Salman in the overseas leg of Tiger 3,” the source further told the portal.

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Pathan is aiming for an Eid 2022 release, whereas Tiger’s release date has yet to be announced. While Deepika Padukone has joined Pathan as the female lead, Katrina Kaif is still playing Zoya in Tiger 3.

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