Mukesh Bhatt Reveals Kartik Aaryan Starrer Aashiqui 3 Won’t Have Recreated Tracks, Says ‘I Believe In Originals’

Mukesh said, "I don’t believe in recreations, I believe in originals."

The latest bollywood news is that producer Mukesh Bhatt said that Aashiqui’s threequel won’t have recreation of tracks and will have original only. Aashiqui 3 was announced in September, 2022. The new face opposite Kartik will soon be revealed.

“I don’t believe in recreations, I believe in originals. Aashiqui 1 had original tunes and so did Aashiqui 2. I have the capacity to create original tunes. I have to work for one year on the music, so the songs match up to the level of parts one and two. That’s a herculean task for me that I have to work on,” Pinkvilla quoted Mukesh Bhatt as saying.

Kartik had said, “Ab Tere Bin Ji Lenge Hum. Zeher Zindagi Ka Pi Lenge Hum. #Aashiqui3. This one is going to be heart-wrenching!! My First with Basu Da.” Aashiqui 1 had numerous prominent numbers like, “Nazar Ke Saamne” and “Dheere Dheere”, while Aashiqui 2’s soundtrack comprised of popular songs such as, “Tum Hi Ho”, “Sunn Raha Hai” and “Chahun Main Ya Naa”.

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