Netizens troll Deepika Padukone after she struggles to manage her gown at Cannes; “Lo karwaali na berzzati?”

Deepika Padukone, a member of the jury for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, is turning heads with her fantastic fashion choices. She recently wowed on the red carpet in a one-shoulder tangerine gown with a long tail. Deepika looked stunning as she walked down the runway with grace and style. Her gown, however, appeared to be an impediment to her, as she was seen attempting to handle it. This has enraged some internet users, who mocked the actress for wearing an unflattering attire to the festival.

The actress was seen in a viral video continually altering the trail of her gown. At the festival, her staff and coworkers were observed clearing the trail away from her walk. This did not sit well with a few trolls who mocked Deepika.

Taking to the comments section of the post, one user wrote, “this is painful to watch! Indian celebrities have still not got it right when it comes to events like this! Sad.” Another reacted, “Lo karwaali na berzzati? Wear clothes instead of draping some random sheets.”

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