‘People Using This To Gain Some Cheap Publicity’: Baahubali Producer Shobu Yarlagadda Takes A Potshot At Vivek Agnihotri Over His ‘Official Contender’ Of Oscar Tweet For The Kashmir Files

Before, he had reportedly claimed that his film was “shortlisted for Oscars 2023.”

Vivek Agnihotri reportedly created a state of perplexion by tweeting a poster of The Kashmir Files saying its the ‘official contender from India at the 95th Oscars’. Before, he had reportedly claimed that his film was “shortlisted for Oscars 2023.” Now, the Baahubali director Shobu has taken a dig at him over it. 

The Academy has around 10,000 members “from around the world, mostly in US and around 40 or so members from India. These members belong to one of the 17 branches of the Academy based on their craft, like editing, sound etc. There are 16 crafts and 17th branch is non technical. Each year members from each branch will first vote to shortlist from the 300+ films eligible films in the reminder list (for the 10 categories where there is a shortlist) and then vote again to select the films to be nominated from each of their respective branches,” Shobu Yarlagadda said.

He added, “Obviously this calls for significant investment in time and resources and is not easy. Hollywood studios are used to this as they do it year on year but for films from India it can be very daunting and a lot of learning to understand and execute a successful campaign.”

When another producer asked him to pin his tweet, he said, “I am so tired of all the misinformation on Oscars in India and people (even well-informed people) using this to gain some cheap publicity!”

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