Prabhas Can Not Afford 80 Cr Tag Of Pathaan Director And Will Focus More On South Makers, Detail Inside !

Last week Karan Johar denied that Yaah has been approached for Dev’s part in Brahmastra and then came clarification from Yash that he denied to be part of a franchise where he is not there as central character. Now Prabhas’ film Adipurush postponed due to mockery of Vfx by audience everywhere.

Now his PR in overdrive mode as following report came out today regarding him working with Pathaan director Siddhartha Anand.

Overzealous publicity and marketing teams of stars tend to go overboard in making their stars look much bigger in the financial market than they really are. Reports of ‘Pathaan’ director Siddharth Anand being offered Rs 80 crores to direct Prabhas in a Telugu-Hindi bi-lingual are not only false but also misleading.

For one, it shows that Prabhas is now reaching into Bollywood to regain some of his lost success.

“Not true at all. Prabhas is very clear on his priorities. His core audience is the Telugu and the South market. In fact he feels that some of the cause for his slowdown is the self conscious effort to cater to a pan-India audience. He is making a conscious effort to move back to his roots,” a friend of Prabhas from Hyderabad reveals to ETimes.

As for those reports of Prabhas and Siddharth Anand coming together the friend says, “It’s most unlikely. After Adipurush Prabhas wants to do more films that are rooted to our culture. An action film with Siddharth Anand suits Shah Rukh Khan, not Prabhas. Besides no producer in the South can afford to pay a director 80 crores.”

Thes PR tells couple things. One actor is rattled with couple of big failures and now next one getting postponed due to Vfx fiasco. Not able to afford Siddharth Anand and shying away from Hindi makers speak volume about psyche of team.

Seems like interesting times ahead !

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