Ram Gopal Varma voiced his opinion on the Aryan Khan drugs case, says Aryan has been made ‘super duper star’ by NCB

"Nothing will come out of the accusations," Ram Gopal Varma stated, adding that the NCB has made Aryan a "super duper star".

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Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to express his opinion on Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, being arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in connection with the cocaine bust aboard the Cordelia Cruises’ Empress ship. On Thursday, October 14, the 23-year-bail old’s plea decision will be announced. “Nothing will come out of the accusations,” Ram Gopal Varma stated, adding that the NCB has made Aryan a “super duper star”.

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In his first tweet about Aryan Khan’s case, Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “Bottom line is everyone including the agency knows nothing will come out of the accusations on Aryan khan son of @iamsrk and he will ofcourse be out once the tactical delaying processes are done with (sic).”

In a follow-up tweet, he added, “Concerned agencies in good faith are using him as an advertisement board to shout out their objective for getting rid of the drug menace by saying “ if we are not even sparing @iamsrk’s son just imagine what we will do to you (sic).”

Talking about Aryan Khan living in Arthur Road jail and the conditions he’s had to endure, Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “Contrary to what people are claiming about @iamsrk’s son being traumatised, I feel he’s being super sharpened due to the experiences he’s being made to go through by the NCB (sic).”

He added, “Regarding the so called horrible conditions of the jail, I am sure they would be far better than what @iamsrk had to many times endure during the course of his rise from being a nobody to be a super star (sic).”

Ram Gopal Varma further tweeted about NCB giving Aryan Khan an extraordinary launch, “The @iamsrk made his son a super star just by being his father but NCB is making him a SUPER SENSITIVE ACTOR by showing other side of life not controlled by his father thereby making him understand ground realities to bring in terrificness into his performances and personality (sic).”

The filmmaker added, “The launch of @iamsrk’s son has 4 phases as in the son of @iamsrk, the director who does his first film, the NCB in general and of course the media for giving such an EXTRAORDINARY LAUNCH even before his father could, but NCB tops the list (sic).”

Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets further read, “I will take a bet that in the coming future Aryan khan will say he learnt about life much more in jail and from NCB than from his own father @iamsrk (sic).”

He added, “All genuine and intelligent fans of @iamsrk should thank the great NCB for making their SUPER STAR’s son into a SUPER DUPER STAR ..As a @iamsrk’s genuine fan I just want to shout JAI NCB (sic).”

Lastly, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, “Film TITLE: ROCKET Launching as Hero ,Aryan Khan S/O @iamsrk PRODUCED by NCB Co produced by some political parties DIRECTED by MEDIA (sic).”

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On Saturday, October 2, the NCB stormed a rave party aboard the Empress Cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai. They detained Aryan Khan, his companion Arbaaz Merchant, and Munmun Dhamecha for alleged drug trafficking. The bail hearing for Aryan is presently in progress.

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