Salman Khan to be paid THIS whopping amount for hosting Bigg Boss 15

The 15th season of Bigg Boss will premiere in October.

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Salman Khan is returning as the host of Bigg Boss 15, and can you guess how much money he’ll take?

According to reports, he will return as the host of Bigg Boss 15 this season, which will premiere in October. The star’s remuneration is reported to be Rs 350 crore for 14 weeks, which works out to Rs 25 crore every week.

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The 15th season of Bigg Boss will premiere in October. In the past, the Bollywood superstar also hosted the show for 11 seasons.

Salman has become the reality show’s highest-paid host. According to a report published before the start of Bigg Boss 14 last year, the actor was paid Rs 2.5 crore each episode from season 4 to season 6.

His fees were raised to Rs 5 crore for Season 7. He reportedly charged Rs 13 crore every week for Bigg Boss 13.

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