Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi to showcase around 20 songs!

The story will be carried forward via the lyrics and music.

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Heeramandi, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is a genuine musical. The story will be carried forward via the lyrics and music.

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A source from the series told an entertainment portal, “SLB has already composed 20-35 songs for Heeramandi, of which he will use 16-20 songs in the series. Three will be semi-classical songs but nothing that the young listener cannot identify with. Heeramandi is not for audiences of the Pakeezah/Umrao Jaan era. SLB has designed it as attuned to today’s youngsters.”

According to the source, there will not be an abundance of classical singing and dancing. “Kotha hai, naach-gana toh hoga. But not to the extent that we saw in legendary films on the kotha culture like Pakeezah, Umrao Jaan and Sadhana. It will be more to the taste of today’s youngsters. Also, SLB wants to make it an upbeat series. Normally films on the kotha and tawaif end on a note of tragedy.These tawaifs in Heeramandi are happy souls. They deserve a happy ending.Both Netflix and Bhansali will make sure of that.”

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Earlier sharing about his journey and Heeramandi, Sanjay Leela Bhansali said, “I remember when I was a four-year-old kid and my father had taken me to a shoot and he said you sit here and I’ll meet my friends and come. I was in the studio and it seemed the most comfortable to me. More than a school, a playground, a cousin’s house, or anywhere in the world, I thought it was the most beautiful place. When I look back at 25 years, I think it’s very precious to me because you have to be blessed to be able to get a chance to make a film and that’s why I cling to the studio because the studio floor is the most magical, that’s my temple, that’s my everything.”

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