Sidharth Shukla’s family confirms no foul play in his death; his gym trainer REVEALS some other details!

The family also stated that they do not want any rumours about his death to circulate.

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Sidharth Shukla, an actor and reality TV personality, died today at the age of 40. His death came as a complete surprise to everyone, with fans and coworkers sending their condolences. According to the ETimes, Sidharth Shukla’s family informed the Mumbai Police that his death was not the result of foul play and that the late actor was not under any mental duress. The family also stated that they do not want any rumours about his death to circulate.

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Sidharth Shukla’s gym trailer Sonu Chaurasiya revealed that he was injured a while back due to which he even stopped running but did not take a break from workout. He was quoted as saying, “A month and a half ago, his leg was twisted while walking in the house and he fell. He was undergoing nerve treatment at Kokilaben Hospital. He was unable to even stand. Was given biotic medicines. Was forbidden to do more movement. However, did not refuse to do workout. Was told to come again after recovering. Usually Siddharth used to drive himself. But since his injury his driver used to come. Siddharth had stopped running. But kept working out.”

Sonu Chaurasia further said, “The post-mortem report is talking about the injury before the heart attack. I think it is the same injury that he had suffered one to one and a half months ago.” He said he used to joke about his strong personality and told him to get vaccinated, “but he laughed and avoided that if he had to go out somewhere, he would not. When there is a schedule to go out somewhere, I will get the vaccine.”

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