Fast & Furious 9 Review: Vin Diesel’s film is all about car chase with no excitement!

Jacob is the sole new character in the series; they reformed the band for "F9," which included Han.

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The excitement surrounding the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise appears to be waning. The ninth instalment of this outrageous, fast-paced, action-packed franchise begins promisingly but finishes on a stupidly complex and depressing note. Only die-hard ‘Fast & Furious’ fans will be able to follow the film’s overblown thriller with a poor and worn-out storyline. Only if you have the patience to go through a slew of jaw-dropping, gravity and logic-defying acrobatics, including a satellite and spaceship scene, is there any sense of a story.

In this chapter of Fast and Furious, we meet John Cena, who plays Dom’s brother, Jakob Toretto. They have little physical resemblance other than the fact that they’re both big males, so it’s unclear how they’re siblings, probably from different mothers.

They share a Cain and Abel relationship, and fans of the series were unaware that Dom had a brother until the teasers for “F9,” yet it works despite Jakob’s surprise appearance.

Cena is a competent actor; he isn’t a master thespian, but he appears to be aware of his limitations and works within them.

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Jacob is the sole new character in the series; they reformed the band for “F9,” which included Han. This isn’t a spoiler because his return was teased in the teasers, and it did cause some uncertainty, but after watching the movie, everything made sense.

“F9” will appeal to fans of the franchise’s prior instalments. It ticks all the boxes for a good action movie: plenty of explosions, cliche action movie dialogue, brutal violence, and a sense of suspension of disbelief.

In a nutshell, avoid this film if you are not a fan of car chase movies starring professional wrestlers.

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