SRK declined International media offer to talk about Aryan’s detention

Shah Rukh Khan offered a fortune by international media to talk about Aryan’s detention, declines the offer

Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is having a blissed time after having a difficult period last month where his elder son Aryan Khan was arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case and spent nearly a month in jail before being released on October 30.

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SRK has till now been numb about the recent incident, however, some international media offered Shah Rukh to talk over the Aryan Khan incident, but it seems SRK is in no mood to talk about it.

A source close to SRK revealed, “Shah Rukh has received several lucrative offers to talk on what happened to his son. Some of these offers have come from the international media and they are willing to pay a small fortune for an exclusive on the topic. But this time, Shah Rukh has nothing to say. Or rather, he won’t say anything although he has plenty to say.”

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“But Shah Rukh has his own plan about how to get justice for wrongs done to his son. And it is far more complex than just giving press interviews on the subject,” a source from Shah Rukh’s team informs media.

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