SRK’s Son Aryan Khan may get relief from NCB tomorrow & a bail hearing could happen soon after

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has practically collected all of the evidence against Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, and he could be released on Thursday, despite the agency’s efforts to catch a network of drug peddlers that sell drugs to high-profile buyers.

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The drugs case against Aryan Khan is primarily based on two proofs that NCB authorities think are sufficient to prove their case. According to NCB sources, the first evidence against Aryan Khan is his confession and statement to NCB, in which he claimed to have taken drugs. However, an official stressed that no urine test or other test was performed on the day he was held from the cruise by the investigators to see if he had taken drugs. As part of the formalities, a basic medical examination was performed. The court’s decision on his statement to NCB is still being debated.

Aryan’s chats are the second piece of proof. NCB officials said that his chats revealed he was about to consume drugs, claiming that his friend had briefed him on the drugs plans while inviting him to the party. Officials said that his talks supported the first evidence that he had taken narcotics.

“His chat is another evidence where he has talked about taking drugs. Chats also revealed that Aryan Khan was also invited for the party by his friend who had also told him about the drugs to which he agreed,” the official said.

The official stated that Aryan Khan’s past chats show he had previously consumed drugs. To substantiate the information acquired from the chats, the NCB would require corroborating evidence and statements.

Officials from the National Crime Bureau claimed that they were not anticipating Shah Rukh Khan’s son to be on the ship because all they knew was that a rave party was being planned.

“When we boarded the cruise, our team wasn’t aware that Aryan Khan is also here. We got to know about his presence when we entered a cabin room where we saw him along with his friend. Hashish was recovered from his friend who was in the room. They had planned to take drugs,” a senior NCB official claimed.

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Sources have denied any Bollywood link in the claim. “So far, we have not got any evidence which says that some party was organised along with other Bollywood celebrities. There is no extra angle which hints involvement of another celebrity,” sources in NCB told News18.

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