The “so-called” trade experts have got new tricks to fool the audience nowadays!

It is necessary for a film to become the talk of the town in order to perform well at the box office. In this case, the value of positive word of mouth cannot be underestimated. Critics have the ability to make or destroy a movie’s box office success. But, are they all true to their professions and reporting what they witness, or are there any friendships or back-and-forth going on?

Well, let us tell you how are the tricks used to review or update the audience with the box office collections:

Trick #1

The film flopped theatrically but will break even with satellite/digital rights (please decide for once whether this actor charges 120 cr or not because that was the PR when the film was announced. 120 cr + COP of a historical war film can’t be recovered just by doing 70-75 cr theatrical with a share of 30 cr as most of the time digital/satellite rights are linked to BO numbers as it’s not direct to digital).

Trick #2

The film grew very well over the weekend (1 cr opening on Friday & 2 cr on Sunday does NOT mean good growth, it means very few people saw the film despite paid reviews & many preview shows).

Fact #1

If a trade expert/critic has taken an interview of the said actor then BEWARE! Every report will be sugar-coated as actors’/makers’ PR will blackmail that we gave you the actor for interview & a free press show.

Fact #2

Look through trade experts who do NOT review or report collections SELECTIVELY depending upon the nature of numbers/ratings.

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