Sardar Udham Singh Review: From powerful performances to brilliantly lensed biopic, Vicky Kaushal starrer has it all!

Sardar Udham is unmistakably a Vicky Kaushal show. The man gets everything right, from his body language to his voice modulation


This biographical film starring Vicky Kaushal centres on the life of Indian revolutionary Udham Singh, his fights for India’s independence, and the assassination of Michael O’Dwyer, the previous lieutenant governor of Punjab. The film begins with Singh’s release from an Indian prison and follows him to London, where he assassinates O’Dwyer, is apprehended, tortured for additional information, and eventually goes to trial, where he is sentenced to death without much of a defence. Throughout the story, you feel for Singh, his attempts, challenges, and sorrow, which I believe is the filmmaker’s greatest achievement.

Technical Department:

Avik Mukhopadhyay is responsible for a number of unsettling graphics in this Shoojit Sircar film. Whether it’s Vicky’s character enduring the bitter cold in the midst of snow-capped mountains or hawks hanging over the sky with piles of dead bodies on the ground, the cinematographer’s amazing camera work brings those moments to life.

Chandrashekhar Prajapati’s sloppy editing is one of Sardar Udham’s major flaws. With a running time of nearly 3 hours, the film can get a little tedious at times. With a firmer grip on the editing scissors, this Vicky-starrer could have been a far more compelling film. The art direction by Pradip Jadhav is excellent.


Sardar Udham is unmistakably a Vicky Kaushal show. The man gets everything right, from his body language to his voice modulation. In addition to his steely resolve as Udham Singh, he also emanates a certain naivety as the revolutionary figure in the younger parts.

Banita Sandhu, who plays Reshma (Udham’s companion and love interest), makes the most of her opportunity. Despite his short screen time, Amol Parashar delivers an outstanding performance as Bhagat Singh. His scenes with Vicky Kaushal are particularly memorable. Shaun Scott, who plays Michael O’Dyer, performs an excellent job.


Sardar Udham avoids cramming extraneous songs into its story, which works in its favour. The film’s sobriety is aided by the background tune.


Sardar Udham is an honest film, with Vicky Kaushal giving a heartbreakingly sincere performance. Watch it and allow it to enrich your life.

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