Disaster – 5th Week Box Office Collection Of PANIPAT

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very costly epic saga film ‘Panipat’ released and it had very low pre release buzz. Arjun Kapoor is coming out of two disaster films and Ashutosh after one disaster. And this one add to their list of mammoth flop films. 

Film is over 90 cr budget and has length in excess of 2 hours 50 minutes. On top of that it has clash with a light hearted comedy film set in small town which is flavour of the season. Film opened with disaster numbers of 8-10% opening which grew marginally through the day one. After terrible weekend even weekdays were poor and it’s met with fate.

Film collected 4.12 cr nett on day one which is washout number for such a hugely mounted film. Film grew but marginally on day two and collected 5.78 cr nett which is low considering poor day one. Film added 7.78 cr nett on Sunday which was good growth but poor opening day has killed it’s prospects already. 

As expected, film dropped further on Monday and collected 2.59 cr nett. Film further dropped and collected 2.21 cr nett on Tuesday. Film added 1.70 cr nett on Wednesday and 1.50 cr nett on Thursday. 

Film has 1st week total of 25.68 cr nett. Film collected 1.031 million $ (7.29 cr) in overseas which is again below par. 

Film dropped big on 2nd Friday and collected 69 lacs nett. Film grew on Saturday and collected 1.28 cr nett. Film collected 1.48 cr nett on Sunday. Film added 45 lacs nett on Monday and 49 lacs nett on Tuesday. Film collected 88 lacs nett on Wednesday and 1.03 cr nett on Thursday. Film had 2nd week total of 6.28 cr nett. Film added 11 lacs nett on 3rd Friday and 23 lacs nett on Saturday. Film collected 32 lacs nett on Sunday. Film added 15 lacs, 18 lacs, 30 lacs and 12 lacs nett on weekdays. 

Film added 47 lacs nett in 4th week and 42 lacs nett in 5th week. Film has 5 week total of 34.28 cr nett. Film collected 1.189 million $ (8.45 cr) in overseas market.

Biggest flop of the year, lost battle!

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