Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan Crosses 1 Cr Nett Domestic For 33 Days Straight Despite Numerous New Releases, Special Record!

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ has been shattering all the previous box office records

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film, Pathaan, has finally crossed the 1 Crore nett domestic mark for 33 consecutive days, making it a rare feat in Bollywood. The movie has been making headlines since its release on January 25, 2023. This speaks about dominance and consistent hold of the film in today’s multiplex era where big releases fizzle out after a week or two with front loaded business is norm.

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ has been shattering all the previous box office records and has finally entered in 5th week. Even the newly released movies are struggling to open with decent numbers due to massive box office hysteria of ‘Pathaan’. 

Tomorrow will be first day for ‘Pathaan’ when it will go below 1 cr nett which will be 34th day of its run. It might again go to 1 cr nett on 6th Saturday and Sunday making total of 35 days in excess of 1 cr nett.

Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Pathaan’ collected 635 cr domestic gross Hindi till Saturday last night and it is only 6 cr nett less than away from breaking ‘Baahubali 2’ Hindi numbers of 511 cr nett, last record left for ‘Pathaan’ to beat.

Record Breaking Box Office Collections Of Pathaan : (collections from south languages in bracket)

Day 1: 57 Cr Nett (2 cr)

Day 2: 70.50 Cr Nett (2.5 cr)

Day 3: 39.25 Cr Nett (1.25 cr) 

Day 4: 53.25 cr Nett (1.75 cr)

Day 5: 60.75 cr Nett (2.25 cr) 

Day 6: 26.50 cr Nett (1 cr)

Day 7: 23 cr Nett (1 cr) 

Day 8: 18.25 cr Nett (0.75 cr) 

Day 9: 15.65 cr Nett (0.65 cr)

Total Week One: 364.15 cr (351 cr in Hindi) 

2nd Week: 

Day 10: 14 cr Nett (0.50 cr) 

Day 11: 23.25 cr Nett (0.75 cr) 

Day 12: 28.50 cr Nett (1 cr) 

Day 13: 8.55 cr Nett (0.30 cr) 

Day 14: 7.75 cr Nett (0.25 cr)

Day 15: 6.75 cr Nett (0.25 cr) 

Day 16: 5.95 cr Nett (0.20 cr) 

Total Week Two: 94.75 cr Nett (91.50 cr Nett Hindi)

3rd Week

Day 17: 5.90 cr Nett (0.15 cr)

Day 18: 11.25 cr Nett (0.25 cr)

Day 19: 13 cr Nett (0.40 cr) 

Day 20: 4.20 cr Nett (0.10 cr)

Day 21: 5.60 cr Nett (0.20 cr)

Day 22: 3.60 cr Nett (0.10 cr) 

Day 23: 3.40 cr Nett (0.10 cr)

Total Week Three : 46.85 cr Nett (46.65 cr Nett Hindi)

4th Week 

Day 24: 2.20 cr Nett [0.05 cr]

Day 25: 3.32 cr Nett [0.07 cr]

Day 26: 4.25 cr Nett [0.10 cr]

Day 27: 1.25 cr Nett [0.05 cr]

Day 28: 1.14 cr Nett [0.04 cr]

Day 29: 1.08 cr Nett [0.03 cr] 

Day 30: 1.02 cr nett [0.02 cr]

Total Week Four : 14.26 cr Nett (13.90 cr Nett Hindi)

5th Week

Day 31: 1.02 cr Nett [0.02 cr]

Day 32: 2.05 cr Nett [0.05 cr]

Day 33: 2.25 cr Nett [0.05 cr]* expected today

Total Domestic Nett 

507.30 cr Nett only Hindi

525.48 cr Nett (including 18.08 cr Nett south languages)

Domestic Gross 637 cr

Pathaan’s success has brought joy to the Indian film industry, which has been struggling due to the pandemic. It has given hope to filmmakers who have been waiting to release their movies in theaters and has shown that audiences are willing to return to theaters to watch good movies.

‘Pathaan’ has brought back the action thriller genre, which had been missing from Bollywood for some time, and it has shown that Shah Rukh Khan is still one of the biggest stars in the Indian film industry.

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