Actor Sanjay Dutt Shares His New Look With His Fans!

Actor Sanjay Dutt Shares His New Look With His Fans!
Actor Sanjay Dutt Shares His New Look With His Fans!

Sanjay Dutt is one man many names, from Raghu to Kancha Cheena to Adheera all the iconic characters have had one thing in common, the person who portrayed them all flawlessly. He pulls off the characters effortlessly and it all narrows down to one important factor that seperates him from the rest, he is always involved with team when it comes down to deciding his character’s look.

In a recent picture shared by the veteran actor Sanjay Dutt can be seen yet again taking on a new avatar. He can be seen with a French beard and nicely trimmed hair. Putting on sunglasses and the ever present lal tilak, Sanjay looks to have dialer back the years with his look and his stylist can be seen spraying some kind of hair spray to give his hair an enhanced look.

Sanjay Dutt has a flurry of films coming and this hair style may be a part of his next film. As soon as he took to his social media handle to post the picture the comments section was full of comments and praises for Sanjay Dutt’s looks as the people could not get enough of him dialing it back to a few years ago.

It was recently revealed that the Agneepath actor is always involved with the team to design the look of his characters for all of his films and this is what gives it a different feel to his roles. He was also seen with a platinum blonde colour hair setting a while back and he makes sure to keep trying and experimenting with his looks.

‘KGF 2’ alongside Yash, ‘Shamshera’ with Ranbir Kapoor, and ‘Prithviraj’ make it 3 films in the pipeline for the actor and it is not a wild guess to say that the fans will be treated to a few more iconic charachters on the screen as Sanjay Dutt will be doing what he does best by bringing the character’s onscreen persona to life.

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