Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat Review: Anurag Kashyap’s Romantic Drama Loses Plot But Vicky’s Cameo Is Promising 

It marks Karan Mehta’s debut and stars Freddy actress Alaya F as his love interest

Presented by Zee Studios under Good Bad Films Production, Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat release earlier today in cinemas across the country. It marks Karan Mehta’s debut and stars Freddy actress Alaya F as his love interest and is touted to be Anurag Kashyap’s ode to modern love.


It is a tale where a Hindu girl, Amrita (Alaya F), and a Muslim boy, Yakub (Karan Mehta) leave together to see a concert by DJ Mohabbat (Vicky Kaushal). Set in the small town, Amrita doesn’t conform to the patriarchy in her family. Disguising as Saloni ammi by dressing in a burqa, she secretly makes videos.

When she runs from the place with Yakub, her family utter slogans of love jihad. Another story has Ayesha and Harmeet in London, again played by Alaya and Karan, respectively. While Ayesha falls in love with Harmeet, a small-time DJ, he tries to make her go away because he wants to focus on his music. Later, he falls in love too.


Vicky as DJ Mohabbat is promising, while Alaya F delivers fine. The steam gets missed in the second-half. Alaya F seems to be growing as she makes her presence in films better though this was originally first film. Karan wins hearts with his acting.

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It is aptly made till internal but the theme could have emphasised on today’s youngsters confronting the ideological face-off they have with their parents. The narrative is filled with extra concepts, including the pace which could have been relooked. If you’re a fan of Anurag, this film looks similar to his record where there is a grey-shade to love stories.

Film will be a washout at box office and even 1 cr nett lifetime will be a task!

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