Controversial Statement by Adipurush Writer Manoj Muntashir: “Hanuman Bhagwaan Nahi Bhakt The”, Just a Devotee” – Internet Users Express Outrage: “Gaaliya Khane K Layak Hi Hai”

The film Adipurush has faced significant criticism for its dialogue, portrayal of Gods in a disrespectful manner, the inclusion of inaccurate facts, and other problematic aspects. Om Raut and his team have been consistently defending their film despite making multiple mistakes. Adding to their list of blunders, writer Manoj Muntashir has made further claims about the movie.

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A video clip has been circulating widely on the internet featuring Manoj Muntashir explaining his depiction of Hanuman in the film. During an interview with a channel, the writer said Hanuman Bhakt the, Bhagwaan nahi the. Wo Bhagwaan Ram ki tarah daarshanik baatein nahi karte the.” (Hanuman was a devotee, not a God. He could not have intellectual conversations like Lord Rama)

Following Manoj Muntashir’s latest claims, the internet wasted no time in criticizing him once again, possibly focusing on his colloquial dialogues, even as he continued to defend them. During another interview with Republic, the writer acknowledged that he purposefully employed such language in order to distinctly portray multiple characters. He openly admitted that this choice was carefully planned and executed.

During an interview Muntashir asserted that Adipurush was specifically created for the current generation, highlighting the absence of recent portrayals of our own superheroes. He expressed concern that contemporary children might overlook revered figures like Ram, Hanuman, and Angad in favor of characters like Captain America and Hulk. However, following his recent video clip wherein he described Hanuman as a devotee rather than a deity, the internet has once again strongly criticized the writer.

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One user expressed, “Manoj Muntashir has gone insane. He needs some treatment. Hanuman is an immortal being, the son of Vayu, and a part of Lord Shiva. Besides Ramayana, his significance is also mentioned in Mahabharata and Puranas. Muntashir ji, you have made a mistake, please do not compound it with more errors.” Another user greeted, “Good morning to all devotees of Hanuman, except the fraudulent Manoj Muntashir, who believes Hanuman ji is not a God.” A third user commented, “Manoj Muntashir, you self-proclaimed scholar. Lord Hanuman was the 11th Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva. He was indeed Lord Shiva himself, who became a devotee of Shri Ram. What are you saying? Have you even read Ramayana? No wonder you wrote such regressive dialogues for Lord Hanuman, tarnishing the essence of Ramayana.”

Online users also urged Manoj Muntashir to refrain from giving interviews and avoid further embarrassment. One user commented on the video, “Ye writer thodi hai … ise toh humne writer bana dia hai.” Another user trolled him, “Ye banda Manoj pagal ho gya hai Vinaash Kaale Viprit Budhi…” One more user shared a meme featuring Jethalal which said, “Chup Ho Jaa Saatvi Fail.”

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About Adipurush

Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, features Prabhas in the role of Raghav, Kriti Sanon as Janaki, Devdutt Nage as Bajrang, and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh. The movie stirred up controversy due to its Tapori dialogues, particularly a line where Hanuman is heard saying, “jalegi tere baap ki” (your father will burn). We would like to hear your thoughts on the film’s dialogues and Adipurush as a whole. Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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