Exclusive: How Shah Rukh’s Pathaan’s Promotions & Box Office Result Taught Zero Value Of Social Media Hungry Media And Cliche Marketing Tactics. Details Inside!

He did some #AskSRK sessions and the mutual connection between them was evident.

‘Pathaan’ released on January 25, 2023, which is full of drama and action directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Aditya Chopra. It stars Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone in lead roles and will have John Abraham as antagonist. It showcases an undercover police official and drug lord. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani have worked on its music. It released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.

Prior to release, we saw how the promotions of the film went in a complete unique way, where SRK’s stardom not only followed but how the actor took to Twitter to converse with SRKians, fans personally. He did some #AskSRK sessions and the mutual connection between them was evident.

It has broken all records at the Box-office, beating the Rs 1000-crore mark worldwide today or tomorrow and created a historic moment. Previous week, the film also reached the Rs 500 crore-club in all India. The way media was not given the chance to create unproductive headlines, with no interviews, made them nervous on their low going content strategy as it opted no mall visits or Tv show appearances.

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Nuisance Of Media Curtailed By SRK

Since the media does a two way thing to get allegedly paid for doing interviews, helping in promotions, it didn’t go for anything like that. The actor visited neither The Kapil Sharma Show nor Bigg Boss, using no such media channels except his social media with huge fan base.

The recently released Shehzada did excessive promotions but flopped at the Box-office. Since Pathaan’s promotion strategy is now talk of the town, it has truly inspired other makers to follow the same way.

1. Journalists take interviews of actors and increase their own social media following

2. They ask either cliche questions pre decided or something controversial ones and neither helps

3. They will go to premiere and return favour by not criticising the film over 1st weekend and then once if flops, they will disown and move on. This practice audience has identified and it’s very distasteful

4. Not many credible media outlets left and fewer journos who can get over their social media obsession and status for all kind of favours

5. No mall or city left where actors have not gone and seriously it doesn’t help film at all. Example is numerous flop films in recent past

6. TV show gets TRP but films or actors get zero help from these appearances

7. Dumb PR and marketing guys have nothing to offer in return of hefty sum of fee – city tours and mall visit. Team ‘Pathaan’ avoided these bunch of idiots too.

So it was masterstroke by Team ‘Pathaan’ to only interact with fans who eventually make or break a film rather than entertain media miscreants.

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