GodFather Teaser: First Look Of Chiranjeevi’s Action-Packed Film Is OUT; Salman Khan’s Style Is Unmissable!

The last scene, in which Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan meet up in a jeep, is undoubtedly the main highlight.

On the occasion of Chiranjeevi’s birthday, GodFather’s producers finally unveiled the action-teaser drama’s after much waiting and anticipation. Hindi and Telugu versions of the movie’s teaser have been offered. The teaser is intended to introduce Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Satya Dev, and Chiranjeevi’s role, among other notable characters.

While the Megastar quickly rises to prominence as the people’s leader and acquires the title of GodFather, he is banished from his village for 20 years. The one minute, 33 second teaser shows both folks who welcomed his return and those who didn’t want to see him again as it progresses. While Satya Dev, the state’s chief minister, orders his officials to kill him, Nayanthara’s character despises him. The latter even directs his agents to move out of his path.

As the clip progresses, we hear the dialogue in the background, “Do you know who he is? He’s the boss of the bosses. Our one and only Godfather,” which uplifts Chiranjeevi’s character.

Then comes the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan – a huge supporter of the Godfather. “Lag Rahaa Hai Badi Lambi planning Chal Rahi Hai… Apne Is Chote Bhai Ko Bhool Naa Nahee… Kahe Tho Aajaathaa Hoo Mai…” says he, extending his support to the Godfather. However, the latter asks him to wait for his command.

Check out the teaser here:

The last scene, in which Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan meet up in a jeep, is undoubtedly the main highlight. It’s an early birthday gift from the crew to Chiranjeevi’s fans and cinema enthusiasts, as was previously indicated. One of the key elements attracting the largest crowds is Salman Khan’s appearance.

The other major assets include the excellent BGM by S Thaman, superb camera work by Nirav Shah, and rich production values. The teaser has raised everyone’s anticipation for the film.

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