OMG! A Massive Fight Breaks On The Sets Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan, Details INSIDE!

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Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film Pathan has been in news since a very long time now. Although no official announcement have been made but the hype is already so high.

Today, we bring to you a very unusual and shocking news that came out from the sets. What we got to know is that director Siddharth Anand and one of the assistants got into an ugly fight which shocked everyone on the sets. It was so nasty that the shoot for the day was stalled.

A source close to the development revealed, “Siddharth is known for having a certain temperament on the sets. Given that he’s the captain of the ship, he didn’t like how a particular assistant was behaving during work. He also wanted all phones to be kept away but the assistant didn’t pay heed to any of his requests. He followed the behaviour for some time and then confronted him. That led to a big argument but people thought it was just that. Shooting resumed post that break.”

“The assistant kept abusing Siddharth and bad-mouthing him to other workers on the set. This reached Siddharth and he was furious. He went out and literally slapped the guy who in turn slapped him back. There was huge chaos on the sets and shooting had to be stalled for the day,” added the source.

Shocking, isn’t it!

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