‘Shah Rukh Khan Is A True Pathan’: Kamal Haasan Applauds ‘Younger Brother’ Shah Rukh On Latter’s 57th Birthday

The actor turned 50th on Monday and recalled experience with SRK and called him a younger brother.

Kamal Haasan is popular for Hey Ram starring Rani Mukerji, Naseeruddin Shah, Hema Malini and others. It was made in Tamil and Hindi languages and showcased superstar Shah Rukh Khan in a supporting role. The actor turned 57th in November. Kamal recalled experience with SRK and called him a younger brother.

“Probably Shah Rukh knew where he was headed. Probably he did not know where he’d end up on the ladder but was willing to climb till he could no more. With that mind-set humility is something you had to train on right from the word go. Shah Rukh first practiced on a quality that most successful people try to practice when it is too late. Early trainers like him require least humility lessons at the top late trainers learn the hard way. Humility is taught through humiliating lessons,” Bollywood Hungama quoted Kamal as saying.

SRK acknowledged to do an extended cameo in Kamal’s ‘Hey Ram’ film 12 years ago. Kamal showed enthusiasm Shah Rukh playing the role in the Tamil hit Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’s Hindi version. He also said, “Shah Rukh spoke the best part of his mind for all to hear and the worst part he digested like food and the world never saw it. No, that does not make him a politician.”

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“Shah Rukh is a true Pathan. A man of his words. I owe him a big favour,”Kamal said. In 2013, SRK flew to Chennai for Kamal’s career party and danced even. Kamal stated, “He danced wonderfully on stage and it looked like he had come out of the bath and forgotten to dry.”

“It was every celebrity-bash’s worst nightmare come true. The air conditioning at the hotel broke down. We were all left seething and simmering in the heat, helpless, angry and bitter. Shah Rukh was fully and formally dressed in a suit for the occasion. His condition in the heat was indescribable. But look at this entertainer! He pulled off his coat, jumped on to the stage and danced, although he dripped sweat like he had just had a bath.”

“But he didn’t care. At that moment, he forgot all his discomfort. It was just Shah Rukh Saab (that’s how Kamal Haasan addresses his junior colleague) and the stage. He is a natural-born entertainer,” he said.

“Shah Rukh is an artiste at heart and I wish my younger brother stays that way. I wish that success like the one it always has will sit very lightly on his shoulder. Wishing more success to him will induce only emotional sniffles but then that might be only from his detractors .Old friends like me never tire of his success. More to you, Brother, more of all that you love in life,” he concluded.

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