Dybbuk review: The Emraan Hashmi starrer is low on spooks and novelty!

Emraan Hashmi's performance in the film is a dead ringer for someone who hasn't adjusted their sleepwalking.

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An unclear death, eerie silence, an abandoned home, the ghost’s enigmatic backstory, a camera lurking behind the curtain, scars leaping from the cupboard, a power outage in the house, and, of course, rain! Dybbuk checks all the boxes and more associated with the genre that you can think of.


The plot of the film is based on a Jewish legend about spirits that are imprisoned in a box known as Dybbuk and then released, wreaking havoc. Emraan’s character has a job that takes him to Mauritius, where he stays in a villa rented by his bosses. Emraan and Nikita’s characters are having trouble adjusting to their new circumstances, and their euphoria is shattered when Dybbuk shows up at their residence through a bizarre shopping spree.

Technical Departments:

Not only are the story’s elements unoriginal, but filmmaker Jay K’s approach to shot design is as well. The movie is less scary and more of a drag that begs to be finished. The approach to crowd-pleasing in the horror genre is one of the most difficult aspects of directing. The audience expects to feel a specific way while watching a horror movie, so the filmmakers are obliged to devour their vision and deliver the’scare.’ Nobody expects to fall in love when seeing a romantic film at the theatre, but everyone expects to be terrified out of their minds while watching a horror film, which presents a unique challenge to the filmmakers.


Emraan Hashmi’s performance in the film is a dead ringer for someone who hasn’t adjusted their sleepwalking. He delivers the dialogue with a lack of zeal and merely covers the rhythm of the situations without evoking any emotion. Nikita Dutta has had to carry the burden of frightening the audience on multiple occasions, and she has done so admirably. When performing a scene with a ghost in the room, an actor is largely relying on their imagination, and Nikita does not feel out of place.


Dybbuk is a drab horror film that wallows in its own mediocrity rather than attempting to transcend it. The film fails to elicit any feeling from the audience.

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