EXCLUSIVE: Barbie Crosses Massive $700 Million Worldwide In Just 9 Days, Approaches 30 Cr Net In India

Over the weekend, the film industry experienced a tremendous surge at the box office, with the much-anticipated toy adaptation Barbie from Warner Bros/Mattel and Christopher Nolan’s epic three-hour World War II-era drama Oppenheimer earning a combined global opening of over $280 million. While Barbie is set to surpass Oppenheimer by a significant margin worldwide, the situation is quite different in India. In this market, the Nolan brand holds immense appeal, and film enthusiasts are eagerly flocking to watch Cilian Murphy’s performance in Oppenheimer despite the escalated ticket prices. Interestingly, India is the only country where Barbie lags behind Oppenheimer by a substantial margin.

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The movie Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig and featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in standout roles, enjoyed remarkable success during its first week at the Indian box office. Surprisingly, even on its second Friday, the film demonstrated exceptional resilience by holding its own against tough competition from Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani despite losing some screening opportunities. Despite its limited availability, the Greta Gerwig-directed film managed to accumulate an impressive Rs 1.50 crores nett. With such promising numbers, Barbie appears to be on track to achieve a commendable total of approximately Rs 40 crores nett in India, solidifying its popularity among Indian audiences.

Barbie Performs Respectably in Limited Indian Box Office Release

The movie Barbie had a promising start at the Indian box office, collecting 4.50 cr net on its opening day, followed by a notable 6.50 cr net on day two, witnessing a substantial 45% jump. The film’s performance remained steady, garnering 6.75 cr net on Sunday. Despite facing tough competition and being released in limited theaters, Barbie managed to achieve a commendable 21.50 cr gross (17.75 cr net) total over the weekend. However, as anticipated, the film experienced a significant drop of 50% on Monday, earning 2.25 cr net. The downward trend continued, culminating in a week one collection of 25.65 cr net (30.75 cr net gross).

Film collected 1.70 cr on 2nd Friday and jumped again on 2nd Saturday with 3 cr number. Film has crossed 30 cr net in 9 days and will be heading for 7.50 cr 3rd weekend.

Following are the collection for the film:

Friday: 4.50 cr

Saturday: 6.50 cr

Sunday: 7 cr

Monday: 2.25 cr

Tuesday: 2 cr

Wednesday: 1.80 cr

Thursday: 1.60 cr

1st week Total: 25.65 Cr Net

2nd Week

Friday: 1.70 cr

Saturday: 3 cr

Total: 29.95 Cr Net

Barbie Reigns Supreme at the Worldwide Box Office, Surpassing Oppenheimer

Barbie had a fantastic $155 million 3-day opening weekend at the US Box Office, making it the biggest 3-day weekend of 2023 and giving director Greta Gerwig the record for the largest ever opening for a film solely directed by a woman, surpassing Wonder Woman’s previous record of $103.3 million USD.

Barbie achieved a remarkable 5-day overseas opening of $182 million across 69 markets, securing the second-largest global opening of 2023 and surpassing The Super Mario Bros Movie’s opening of $172.9 million USD. Combining its overseas success with its impressive $155 million earnings at the US Box Office, the film propelled Margot Robbie to a total global opening of $337 million USD, securing the second-highest global opening at the box office in 2023.

Film will cross massive $700 Million in 9 days and it has shot on crossing $1 Billion by 3rd weekend.

Domestic US: $287.4 Million

Overseas: $350.5 Million

Worldwide: $637.4 Million

Film is certain to cross 1 Billion USD by 3rd week and that’s massive achievement as film has over performed in big way breaking every projection.

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