Ask SRK: Shah Rukh Khan Picks His Favourite Song Chaleya From Jawan, Fondly Remembers Chak De India

Today was quite special for fans of Shah Rukh Khan. First, SRK released a stunning poster featuring himself alongside Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi for his upcoming movie Jawan. Shortly after, he initiated a Twitter #AskSRK session to interact with his fans. As always, SRK responded with intriguing and humorous replies, delighting his fans. It was indeed a day filled with excitement for Shah Rukh Khan’s admirers.

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During the #AskSRK session, Shah Rukh Khan talked to his fans and shared some interesting things. When a fan asked him about his favorite song from the movie Jawan,SRK said he really likes the song Chaleya.( Ye to be released) He described it as romantic and sweet, just like himself. He also remembered working on the movie “Chak de India” and mentioned how nice the people he worked with were. He talked about how the movie is a special memory for him. When someone asked what lesson people should learn from the movie Jawan, SRK said that the film is about respecting and supporting women, showing how strong they are. Throughout the session, SRK gave different answers that told us more about the movie and his thoughts, showing how he cares about his fans.

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when someone asked how much time it took to make the movie, SRK joked around. He said it took a bit longer than it should have, and he teased the director @Atlee_dir that he might not feel as young now. He used a saying about Rome not being built in a day to explain that good things take time. He also mentioned names of other actors like Rajinikanth, Yash, and Jackie Shroff in his replies, showing that he likes to have fun with his friends in the industry.

At the end of the #AskSRK session, a fan asked if Atlee can dance. SRK replied that Atlee can dance and make others dance to his music too. He told everyone it’s time to work and have a good day. He thanked everyone for joining the session.

About SRK’s Jawan

The film Jawan, directed by Atlee, stars Shah Rukh Khan alongside Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. This highly anticipated movie is scheduled for a global release on September 7th.

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