Tiku Weds Sheru Trailer Released: Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur Take Viewers on an Enchanting Ride of Dreams and Laughter

Prime Video, a popular entertainment platform in India, has released the trailer for the upcoming comedy-drama Tiku Weds Sheru. The film marks the debut of Kangana Ranaut‘s production company, Manikarnika Films, and also serves as their first collaboration with the streaming service. Directed by Sai Kabir Srivastav, the movie features Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a highly acclaimed actor, and Avneet Kaur, a versatile and up-and-coming star, in the lead roles. Starting on June 23, Prime members in 240 countries and territories will have the opportunity to stream the film.

Tiku Weds Sheru narrates the story of two peculiar and hopeful individuals – Tiku (Avneet), a visionary, and Sheru (Nawazuddin), a determined go-getter. The trailer unveils the rollercoaster ride that these unconventional partners, a supporting artist, and an aspiring actor, go through as they strive to pursue their dreams in the vibrant city of Mumbai. Their extraordinary bond, which initially formed from an unlikely duo, blossoms into a deep connection as they embark on their wild and unpredictable journey toward their goals. It ultimately culminates in the union of their hearts through marriage.

Film’s Trailer:

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About Tiku Weds Sheru

Tiku Weds Sheru is an intriguing blend of comedy and drama, interwoven with the struggles of everyday life and an unconventional love story. The film revolves around Tiku and Sheru, two individuals with contrasting personalities but shared dreams. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the talented actor, expressed his excitement about playing the character of Sheru, who represents the challenges faced by aspiring individuals in the entertainment industry. Sheru is relatable, possesses unique quirks, and captivates as an endearing persona. Nawazuddin Siddiqui also expressed his delight in being a part of Manikarnika Films’ debut project, collaborating with Kangana Ranaut, and being directed by Sai Kabir, who brings a fresh and distinctive perspective to the narrative. The premiere of Tiku Weds Sheru on Prime Video is particularly significant as it ensures the film’s accessibility to cinema enthusiasts worldwide.

Avneet Kaur expressed her excitement and gratitude towards Tiku Weds Sheru, emphasizing its significance as a major milestone in her career. The film holds great importance for her as it marks her debut as a lead actor in a Hindi feature film. Avneet also expressed her delight in working alongside renowned personalities like Kangana Ranaut and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. She considers it an enriching experience to collaborate with Nawazuddin Sir, from whom she has learned a great deal as an actor. Despite their unconventional pairing, Avneet assures the audience that they will witness a beautiful relationship between Tiku and Sheru in the film. Both characters share a common dream, which serves as the foundation of their connection. Tiku Weds Sheru delves into their love story and aspirations, promising an enjoyable experience for the viewers. Additionally, Avneet expressed her enthusiasm about the film’s global premiere on Prime Video, which allows it to reach a wider audience. She couldn’t ask for more as an actor.

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