It Was ‘Pathaan’ Director Siddharth Anand Who Gave ‘Jawan’ Title To SRK For Atlee’s Film. Details Inside!

In an Interview with CNBC TV 18, Siddharth Anand talked about his craze and passion for collecting movie titles.

Shah Rukh Khan, The actor, who was not seen on the big screen for the last four years, made a spectacular comeback with his recently released film ‘Pathaan’. The spy thriller movie stars King Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham along with Salman Khan in a cameo role. The reunion of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen is ‘Super crazy’ in fact it is a treat to the whole nation. 

The movie is a resounding success and has shattered all previous records at the box office. Pathaan is a victory for India, according to director Siddharth Anand, a sentiment that almost everyone can relate to.

In an Interview with CNBC TV 18, Siddharth Anand talked about his craze and passion for collecting movie titles. When the director was being asked, why did he keep the movie title as ‘Pathaan’? Siddharth stated, “I have this fetish for collecting titles, So i had collected Bang-Bang, Pathaan and i have a few more titles as well. I don’t know if i make them, I just register them. In fact I’ve even registered  ‘Jawan’. It is my title and when Shah Rukh Sir wanted the title we asked for his type obviously so there’s no debate on that.” 

Director Siddharth Anand also recently had an interview with ‘Anupma Chopra’ about the shooting, clapping moments and cameo scenes in ‘Pathaan’. 

During the interview when Anupma Chopra said “The film has of course generated a lot of think pieces about the moment in history and politics”, She asked Siddharth, “As an artist, Do you really pay attention to all of the news going around?”


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The director replied, “I am not on social media and I try my best to keep the noise away as much as I can and honestly because it’s Shah Rukh, It attracts a lot of other things. So you know you have to keep a filter and focus on the film and not get distracted along the way and also in a way fortunately we were doing the post of the film and all the noise that was happening outside, we were heavily into the post of the film so we could distract ourselves. It’s all just conjecture, speculation and unnecessary attention so we could put it aside. We had to manage it, we had a release coming up.” 

Pathaan has already entered the 400 CR Nett club in India. Now Shah Rukh Khan is working on his next movie ‘Jawan’.

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