Sharon Stone Had Her Fan Moment Exclaims, “Oh My God,” As She Recognises Shah Rukh Khan Sitting Next To Her; Watch Inside !

At the Red Sea Film Festival on Thursday, Sharon Stone, a well-known Hollywood actress, was mesmerised by actor Shah Rukh Khan. A video from the occasion captures Sharon’s stunned reaction to seeing Shah Rukh standing next to her.

In the footage, Sharon first gasps and then says, “Oh my God!” as the host introduces Shah Rukh Khan to the crowd. She was seen wearing a black pair of gloves on her hands and a beige dress. She shouted, sitting in her chair, clutching her chest. Shah Rukh observed her response and knelt down to kiss her on the cheek.

Shah Rukh and Kajol attended the Red Sea Feature Festival because the opening film was their smash hit Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. In one of the videos, SRK can be seen singing Kajol the Tujhe Dekha Toh song from DDLJ. He also gave Kajol his well-known line from Baazigar.
Additionally, SRK was given a special award at the Red Sea Film Festival.

Shah Rukh Khan said at the event after receiving award,”I am truly honoured to receive this award from the Red Sea International Film Festival. It’s wonderful to be here among my fans from Saudi and the region who have always been huge supporters of my films. I’m looking forward to celebrating the region’s talent and being a part of this exciting film community. Film is a unifier because it transits shared human experiences across cultures. You like a film because it stirs your emotions, be it in whatever language or culture it is from. And Thank God for subtitles. It brings all that is human to the fore and it shows perhaps better than any other art, how despite the immense diversity of the world we live in, our basic pursuits and emotions are the same,”

“Cinema celebrates diversity. It doesn’t stop short of fully exploring differences. And doing so, in the most beautiful fashion, it teaches us not to be afraid of those differences,” SRK Further added.

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